Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bojangles - Union Station

The first time I heard of Bojangles was when I was working on a case where a bunch of individuals decided to stop by this restaurant and grab some fried chicken before going out on the town to conduct a drive by shooting. Ever since then, Bojangles has piqued my curiosity; obviously, it must sling some superlative chicken if this is the place you choose to go to before going out on a shooting spree.

Having my curiosity morbidly piqued for several years, it was not until Bojangles opened at Union Station this past spring that I had the opportunity to try it for the time. Having finally gone there, I would say my main takeaway from all this is that would be murderers should not be ones culinary lodestar. The chicken was fairly good...moist and flavorful. But, the crust on the skin hadn't adhered itself properly and would slide off the flesh; it also lacked the crispiness I find essential in good fried chicken. While the biscuits were flaky and tasty, the sides were fairly forgettable. I will go again to give it another shot, but I probably built this place up in my head far too much for far too long.

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