Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snowfall in Dupont

I was walking back home when the first snowfall of the year began. I only had my Blackberry with me, so I decided to take a couple of snapshots. Unfortunately, because of the bad lighting, the camera ran at a slow shutter speed, and most of my pictures had some noticeable shake and noise to them. But, the street lights provided enough illumination for a couple of my pictures.

Road work on 18th St. near Lauriol Plaza. Why is that place always packed (we are talking about a Tuesday here)? Anyway, the road work was visually more interesting than the crowd.

I tried to get some better shots with my real camera (an old Point and Click Canon A540 Powershot). It has a special function that is supposed to be used for night time pictures, so I turned it on and started shooting.

I like how the flash gives these pictures an orange pallor, with the snowflakes almost looking like burn marks in the photos. It's an interesting look, in an eerie sort of way.

I tried to get a picture without flash with limited success, mainly because it had to run at a lower shutter speed in order to get enough light, which led to a bit of camera shake. Some came out ok, though, if I was able to find a flat, level surface to rest my camera on...a sort of makeshift tripod.

I got this off-kilter dutch angle shot after I tried to take a picture without a flash down an alley way, resting the camera on an uneven surface.

Abstract art (i.e., not enough light, not enough stability holding the camera)

The masonic temple near my apartment.

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